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Ear Health

Evidence of the potential damage from ear syringing as a form of ear wax removal has increased in the research over the past few years and Greenwood Health has made the decision to listen to the mounting evidence and no longer provide this service.

Wax is a natural defence our ears produce to clean and protect itself. Usually ear wax will slowly move from the inside of the ear canal and drops out of its own accord. However, sometimes wax can build up and become a blockage causing temporary hearing loss and pain.

Pharmacies have over the counter ear drops you can purchase, such as Waxsol® or Cerumol®. They assist by softening the wax to allow the body’s natural process of wax removal.

When the blockage in your ear is causing pain or hearing loss there are services available in Motueka that use the Gold Standard ear wax removal technique of microsuction. They include;

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Triton Hearing:

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