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Mirena now funded.

In a move that improves equity and access to healthcare PHARMAC announced that from 1 November 2019 the long-acting contraceptive intrauterine devices Mirena and Jaydess will now be funded.

This is excellent news for women in having more choice when it comes to contraception. Until this move an intrauterine device such as Jaydess or Mirena was often financially out of reach and therefore not considered an option for women in reducing the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

Both devices are inserted into the uterus and release hormones that provide up to 99% protection against unwanted pregnancy. As the term ‘long-acting’ suggests these devices provide a longer term solution than any other contraception option, 3 years for the Jaydess and 5 years for the Mirena.

The Mirena has also demonstrated benefits for women in the management of heavy menstrual bleeding or to improve symptoms of endometriosis.

Nelson Bays Primary Health Organisation has also provided some small amounts of funding towards the cost of GPs inserting these devices in Primary Care for vulnerable populations.

It is great to hear that some of the barriers in equity and access to health care are being reduced.

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