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We are currently accepting new enrollments for anyone living in the Motueka and immediately surrounding region only.

Please get in contact with us find out how to register.

Enrolling with Greenwood Health is easy. Fill out the required forms and drop in to our Practice and visit our friendly reception team.

We need a completed form for each person enrolling with us. You cannot enrol on someone else’s behalf (except if you have children under the age of 16). Everyone 16 years and over MUST sign their own form.

Once we have received your enrolment forms we will then request your notes from your previous surgery.

All new patients 18 years and over are asked to complete an Adult New Patient Questionnaire which informs us of your personal and medical details.

As per the Ministry of Health all enrolments require Proof of Eligibility to Enrol as a New Patient.

Along with your enrolment forms please bring the following 3 forms of identification with you when you come to enrol:

  1. Evidence of New Zealand Citizenship (NZ Passport, Birth Certificate, or Citizenship Certificate)
    NZ Work/Residence/Student Visa Covering 2 or more consecutive years
  2. Photo I.D (e.g. Driver’s License, etc). Unless Passport supplied as main I.D.
  3. Evidence of your Local Address (e.g. Utility bill, bank letter, rates etc)

Please note:
A. Children under 18 years whose parent is enrolled at Greenwood Health only need to provide a Birth Certificate or Passport.
B. Australian Citizens (or Permanent Residents) now resident in New Zealand will also need to provide evidence that they have been/or will be staying in NZ for 2 years (e.g. Letter from employer, evidence of house purchase etc).

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