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Covid-19 Vaccine Roll-out

Although the Ministry of Health has indicated the general roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine will be much later this year, the first of the vaccines were administered in New Zealand today.

Greenwood Health is in admiration of and supports the worldwide collaborative effort that has gone into the biggest mass health response of our lifetimes.

We will of course be playing our role in the roll out of this vaccine across Aotearoa, both in administering the vaccine and providing information and education about the 4 different vaccines New Zealand has purchased.

Vaccines are always a hot topic of discussion, especially on social media, and we anticipate the Covid-19 vaccine will be no different.

Greenwood Health does recommend vaccinating against Covid-19. As we do with all nationally recommended vaccines.

Covid-19 vaccination is not mandatory and the decision to vaccinate or not is highly personal. Whichever path you and your whanau decide to take will receive no judgement from our team.

We take our role in education about vaccines very seriously and as information about the vaccine(s) becomes available we will be posting it to our website and Facebook page.

We encourage everyone to be curious and to source information about the Covid-19 vaccines as widely as possible, from trusted and reputable agencies and sites.

As always, kia kaha and be kind.

Nga mihi

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