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Measles Update

From 1 January 2019 to 22 November 2019 there have been 2090 confirmed cases of measles notified across New Zealand. Of these confirmed cases 1678 have been in the Auckland region.

It is still important to be on the lookout for symptoms of measles. These include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Runny nose
  • Sore and watery ‘pink eyes’
  • Rash

Once you catch measles can infect others from five days before the rash appears until five days after the rash disappears. Measles is highly contagious and spreads easily from person to person through the air.

If you or a family member suspect you have measles you should stay at home and call Greenwood Health on 03 528 8866.

If you have measles, it’s really important to limit spreading it to others, so we prefer you avoid the waiting room. Please stay at home.

Immunisation is the best way to protect against getting measles. Measles (MMR) vaccination is free to everyone under the age of 50, 95% effective after one dose and 99% after two doses.

Children in New Zealand normally get the MMR vaccine at 15 months and 4 years old as part of the national vaccine schedule.

Although during the year there were shortages of the MMR vaccine across New Zealand with stock prioritised to the Auckland region, there have been additional deliveries of the vaccine to Aotearoa . At this stage prioritisation of groups (such as children) is still occurring. If you feel that you or your whanau may need vaccination, especially if there are upcoming travels planned, to either the Pacific regions, Auckland or events where there will be large numbers of people present, then please call and ask to speak to one of our Nurses on 03 528 8866.

The Ministry of Health provides regular updates on the measles outbreak, which can be found at:

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