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We just keep on getting bigger

A common remark from visitors and patients to Greenwood Health is how large the practice is. It is undeniable, we are large, building and staff-wise and we keep getting larger.

As the region continues to experience growth, the numbers of patients who enrol with us grows too. We now have more than 9000 patients registered at Greenwood Health. As well the rise in numbers, a steady increase in the number of services we provide to our patients has been occurring. To facilitate these services we have been busy employing more staff members. Earlier this year we saw Jen Naper and Mark Hatful take permanent GP locum positions. Katie took on the role of Health Care Assistant and has been assisting the GPs with minor surgery. Some of you will have already met these team members at recent visits to us.

In the last few weeks we have expanded our Admin team and welcomed Karishma on phone and front desk. Our nursing team have the new additions of Megan and Nurse Team Leader, Karla.

We are sure you will see their friendly faces over the coming years as we continue to work together.

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