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Flu vaccines available

Flu Injections are available at Greenwood Health

The beginning of any ‘flu season’ is always a busy time at Greenwood Health, people who are highly organised, have experienced influenza in full flight before and never wish to face it again or simply have germophobia come out in force requesting the flu injection.

The beginning of this years ‘flu season’ saw a number of headlines that caused levels of anxiety in those who doesn’t usually fear a germ or two ‘Deadly Flu Season’. ‘Influenza cases mount.’ ‘It’s a bad year for flu.’ and thus we were a bit busier than usual this year. Then came a headline that caused consternation across the community: ‘National Flu Vaccine Shortage.’

Tense with anticipation we have all waited, avoiding that colleague or family member with a sniffle. Finally word came from the Ministry of Health; more supplies were on their way!

They have no arrived and are available for those of you who have not managed to get in already to have your 2019 flu injection.

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