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Wellbeing Practitioner joins Greenwood Health

Mental illness is common. A 2016/2017 New Zealand Health Survey found that one in six New Zealand adults have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder at some time in their lives. The number of avenues to find assistance for mental health concerns is all at once limited, and absolutely vast. The right path will depend on a multitude of factors, not least that each individual can experience the same condition in very different ways. This means that the right sort of help or support for each person will vary also.

It is no secret despite the recent government pledge of $6M boost to mental health services, historically there has been very little funding in this very important area of health. There has also traditionally been a disconnect between the health of the body and the health of the mind. Thankfully this is changing.

Most of us will head to our GP to seek help with things don’t feel right, and in recognition that knowledge of available mental health services is integral for GPs and Primary Care Nurses, Motueka has become a trial site for a new role.

Linda Palmer is a Mental Health Nurse with years of experience in Secondary Services. She has been seconded to Motueka for a year trial, working at both Greenwood Health and The Doctors Motueka as a Wellbeing Practitioner.

Rather than just being another practitioner you can book in to come and see Linda is providing something far more long term, far reaching and more targeted for those who need mental health care. Her role is to know the avenues available and direct people down the right path to receive the best care for their specific needs. Her knowledge and expertise is already having a great impact on patients but also on the team at Greenwood Health and their knowledge and expertise as well. We look forward to seeing what the rest of the year will bring!

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